Pink sells…

Pink sells…

Not sure what this is, but cuteness sells.

This is a roadblock. Do not go any further. Stop now. I am not kidding.

I am wearing a sweater, booties, and a raincoat. Shoot me now.

Please keep me away from the owl. See below.

Where is the bunny —  I mean lunch?  See above.

I am too embarrassed to show you my face, but please note that my ears and tail are dyed the color of my outfit, which is also the color of cherry blossoms.  Please pass the sake and call the ASPCA. Oops, wrong country.

Will work for sushi. Or bananas.

We sell nothing but colored masking tape. Seriously. The entire store – only masking tape.

Buy some flowers, please  

OK.  How about a cute dog made out of flowers?

Is this an ad about baby sumos or for specialty diapers?

Not sure what this is, but cuteness sells.