Bedtime Stories for Grown-up Girls

Bedtime Stories For Grown-up Girls


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“E.B. Lande delivers a knock-out comic novel…”  Blue Ink Reviews


“…a remarkable friendship unfolds between two compelling women, framed by one pivotal moment where the stakes could be life or death.”  Foreward Reviews


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Why can’t Lillian and Cydney leave each other alone?

After an absence of fifteen years, former business partners and old friends meet at the funeral of Marjorie Bretton and sparks fly. And no wonder – Cydney has been sleeping with Marjorie’s husband, Senator Robert Bretton, for years. Lillian is furious at finding herself caught up, yet again, in their tempestuous relationship.

En route to the senator’s country house, Lillian confronts Cydney about the demise of their business and the theft of Lillian’s inheritance. But something is wrong with Cydney. She scares Lillian so badly that the women end up stuck in a wrecked car on a back road in a freak snowstorm. Awaiting rescue, they must get through one night as Lillian weaves together the stories of their past, hoping to keep Cydney’s emerging secrets from destroying them both.

A compelling story of friendship, family secrets bared, rollicking adventure, business high jinks and how our past continues to shadow us as we age.


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