Indian Summer

Indian Summer

Early November and gorgeous autumn is going strong. Daylight Savings is over and the sun slants in like a spotlight between 3:00 and 4:00.  Every splotch of butterscotch, sienna, magenta takes another curtain call.  Painters take note….
 France?  Or Boston?
 Inspiration for Jackson Pollock?
 Inspiration for Mark Rothko?
Inspiration for Seurat?
Inspiration for Kandinsky?
Inspiration for Firebird?

Memento Mori or Jasper Johns?

Inspiration for Mondrian?
Inspiration for Georgia O’Keefe?
Inspiration for Andy Warhol?
Inspiration for Monet?
Inspiration for Van Gogh?
Inspiration for Hippies?
More Monet…
 Elephant or tree?
Inspiration for Stonehenge?
Didn’t notice you all year round until just now.  Cinderella at the ball. How long till midnight?
First frost be damned.
Second frost be damned.
Where did you get that fabulous red scarf? Can I borrow it?
The largest group of European beech trees in New England showing off.
Japan in New England…
Once we were blue; but look at us now…

Bearded Irises never bloom in the fall, do they?

Last rose of summer, still going strong on November 6, my late mother’s birthday.  
Mum — this one’s for you!